28 October 2015

Last Minute Costume: Mulder & Scully w/ Printable Badge

If you grew up in the nineties you might have a slight obsession with the X-Files - I know I do. I've been watching that show since I was in elementary school and I still can't seem to get enough of Mulder and Scully. Also, did you know that the X-Files is coming back January 2016?! What better way to celebrate than to go as Mulder and Scully for Halloween? I know I'll be sporting my red bob this Halloween night. Here's what you need for your costume:

Dana Scully
white button down shirt
blazer w/ matching skirt
black pumps
red bob wig
small gold cross necklace

Fox Mulder
white button down shirt
coat w/ matching pants
dress shoes
90's inspired tie
a bag of sunflower seeds

To make your outfit even more convincing, I've created (and attached) Mulder and Scully FBI badges that you can print - just right click the image to save. Pop them into a clear badge holder and you're costume has become even more believable!  
If you're having trouble with saving the images you can also use these links:
Mulder FBI badge
Scully FBI badge

*Thanks to The Dork Cave for providing the blank FBI badge image.

You can checkout Alex & I's Mulder & Scully costume here.


  1. Always good to see fellow X-Philes! Nice job on the badges and thanks for attaching.

    1. Thank you.
      And you're very welcome - thanks for sharing them in the first place! :)

  2. Thankyou so much for the links to the ID badges, they are surprisingly hard to find! Lifesaver!