29 November 2015

Alex's Birthday

Silly Alex didn't request his birthday off from work, so sadly I couldn't really do much in terms of taking him somewhere fun to celebrate. But I managed to make the best of it and he was happy!

After he got off work,  I gave him his gifts, which included a set of ceramic knives, a giant IKEA cutting board and three jars of specialty smoked salts (mmm, bacon salt). Then we went to get his haircut, because oddly enough that's what he wanted. Afterwards I took him out to dinner. Since he loves sushi I took him to a sushi bar in town that both of us had never been to before. It was really good too! We had toyed with the idea of possibly going out for more drinks, but since we are akin to the elderly (lol) we decided to head over to Starbucks to sit outside and drink coffee before we went home. It was so nice watching his smile grow bigger as he opened his gift and it was really great to see him stuff his face full of sushi.

Happy birthday, baby. I love you.

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