25 January 2016

Ten Truths also known as the Post Where I Share Random Personal Facts

one  If there are raspberries in the fridge I will eat them and force myself to not eat all of them.

two Hot weather makes me sleepy. Perhaps I am part cat.

three Speaking of sleep, if it's nighttime and I am "made" to watch a Marvel comics movie, I will fall asleep during the middle of it. Sorry Alex! Hah.

four I have A LOT of journals that are half started, but to my defense each journal is dedicated to a different thing. Like blogging, YouTube, daily life, etc.

five I follow Gainesville Rabbit Rescue on FB and every time they post a photo and story about a bunny who needs a forever home I feel like crying.

six I hate living in Florida and I look forward to Alex & I moving away from here at some point.

seven If I could live anywhere in the world it would be either New Orleans or Whitby, England.

eight I have a strange way of creating a thousand different possibilities when I am anxious.

nine I typically have a hard time making frivolous decisions, like what to eat or wear. I like the idea of never having to make those types of decisions again. It's a waste of mental energy.

ten I can be extremely headstrong. Sometimes I wonder if it's more of a hindrance than anything.

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