29 January 2016

A Contemplation on Life and Gaining Perspective

Sometimes things happen in life that forces you to take a step back from yourself. These events can make you want to do one of three things: run, cry or stand and fight (or all three things.. who am I to say?). It’s in these moments of despair that we might look upon the somewhat seemingly perfect lives of others and dwell in a covetous sea. But to make a claim that someone has it better than you, based purely on the surface, is a na├»ve act of futility.

It’s the futility that perhaps makes it a vicious cycle that you repeat over and over – comparing yourself to others, desiring another life over yours or setting up a campaign of self-loathing. And sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it’s harder than you could have ever imagined, but like my best friend told me once before, “These bad times are not permanent. It could be worse – you could be dead.” And that’s the truth, isn’t it? Death is the only permanent act. Death is the end all, be all. In a way it’s refreshing to acknowledge that – to accept it and to move on.

Over the past six months of experiencing life in the form of a roller coaster in the beginning, I can say that yes, it was awful, but it could have been worse. Because then I think about all the amazing things that came out of that roller coaster and I am thankful. I will never regret my past, they were not mistakes, they were not all bad. They made me grow and if you can’t grow from your past, you’re doomed. I’m thankful for that knowledge of my past because I realized the things that I could and could not handle. The perspectives that I've gained has all been worth it.

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