02 February 2016

We're all moved in!

What a generic title, but it is accurate and to the point! Haha.

Alex & I are finally moved in. It's been a long, long three days of moving, unpacking and decorating. We really couldn't have done this move without Megan too. She helped me unpack and purge my life of all the unnecessary items that I was holding onto that no longer gave me joy. I donated at least three full boxes and I still have a few more things to go through.

As far as watching this place go from empty to our home felt incredible. I really enjoyed watching it all come together and I think one day soon I'll do a post about all my favourite aspects of our new place, pictures included. Except there are few photos and bugs (yay! to Alex for having two shadow boxes full of preserved beetles, butterflies, moths and dragonflies) that need to be hung in our room, but the rest of it is all set!

So, here are some teaser photos from our bedroom until I get around to taking more:


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