03 February 2016

The Start of Incredible Things

We spent the first night in our new place unpacking boxes instead of relaxing. Alex was sitting on the floor of the living room, removing random possessions from a giant cardboard box as City & Colour played on our stereo. He sung along to our favourite songs, his voice carrying it's way though all of the rooms. There was something magical in that moment - the way in which the many shades of dusk filtered through the sliding glass door, his voice and the happiness I felt. I was reorganizing the kitchen as I heard him turn on Lake Street Dive's song "Just Ask" and I stopped in my tracks. Of course he would play that song; he is just as sentimental as I am. When we first started dating he had sent me that song through a text, the lyrics giving him a way to express his love for me and how he would do anything to make me happy. A tear started to well in my eyes, like they do every time I hear that song, and I walked over to him, whispered that I loved him and kissed him hard on the mouth. This is the beginning of our life together, I thought as we stood there hugging in the living room, this moment is the start of incredible things.

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