08 March 2016

Beehive Cakes & Life Lately

Life lately has been filled with a lot of baking on my own and with Megan (take note of the beehive cake above), day dreaming about this upcoming weekend that I get to spend with Alex out of town, taking photos, evening walks and reading.

I finally purchased The Girl In the Spider's Web after lusting after it for awhile. It has been nice to dive back into the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, even if it is written by another author. I'm almost halfway through and I love it so far.

As for photos, there are still some ones of Olive that I need to upload and some from last weekend. Hopefully I'll have even more from this upcoming weekend!

I've also started a Snapchat, again. If you're interested, my username is danirenosidda. Let's be friends!

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