03 March 2016

That One Time We Walked Out of a Play

I was given tickets to a play earlier in the week and Alex and I spent a few days excited about going. Well actually, let me rephrase that, I was excited - Alex was skeptical because the name of the play was giving him a vibe that he didn’t like. So, last night we dressed up in our finery and headed to the local theatre. Alex vocalized his fears again in regards to the title, which I'm sure you're wondering what the name is, "The Rock and the Rabbi". The whole week I thought the play wouldn't have any religious undertones, whereas Alex - he knew from the start. I mean, is it weird that I envisioned a Larry David type character up on stage with a rock band behind him?

So there we were, sitting in the theatre five mintues into this whole thing when it clicks for me -we can't watch this. So I turn to Alex and ask if it would be rude to leave and we decide that it's better than sitting in that theatre hating the next 90 minutes of our life. So we left, we walked out of there as fast as we could (with our heads held high!), made it home, got into our PJs and worked on a puzzle we bought from Target the other day. Thankfully our night was salvaged and we have a pretty awesome (albeit ridiculous) story out of it.

Looking back on it now, I kind of wish the play was actually about Dwayne Johnson and a rabbi... that is definitely a play I would have watched...

I guess the moral of the story is don't ever let the fear of judgement from others effect your desires.

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