23 March 2016

Our Engagement Photos

Alex & I knew we wanted something different for our engagement photos, something outside the typical brick wall, downtown background stuff that is, to quote Kramer, "so played". So after discussing our desires with my friend Laura, and awesome photographer, she came up with the perfect plan: golden hour, sand dunes, metal piping, graffiti tunnels and best of all, smoke bombs!

Everything managed to fall into place too. On Saturday, after two days of searching, I managed to find an incredible dress on sale for a ridiculously low price, a shirt with faux leather piping for Alex (which matched the faux leather straps on my dress). Once Monday rolled around, my sister came home thirty minutes before Alex & I had to leave so she was able to do my hair and makeup for me - which, turned out great!
I love the way the photos turned out. Because there was so much to work with at the park, it looks as though we went to a lot of different places to get the shots. I'm still over the moon in regards to all of the photos Laura took and I can't wait to see what magic she can create during our wedding day.
If you live in central Florida and need a photographer definitely check Laura out! I've known that girl since high school and it has been awe-inspiring to watch her talent blossom. Thank you again Laura - you created stunning images that Alex and I will cherish our entire lives.

All photos taken by Laura Davis of Laura Davis Photography.


  1. Congrats on your engagement Danielle! I thought these images were stunning when Laura posted them! Beautiful article, too. I've had her do a shoot for my sister and was absolutely pleased with them. She is amazing. I have highly recommend her too. I wish you and Alex the best.

    1. Thank you so much Kerri! I hope you've been doing well.
      Laura really is such a fantastic photographer!

      Your warm wish means a lot.

  2. love love love! if you need any help with vendors in central florida - let me know! i've worked with a lot of them before i moved. i also worked a lot of weddings, and i'm happy to help if you have any random questions :) best wishes! i'm so excited to see how your love evolves <3

    1. Thanks, Yelle! We're doing pretty well in terms of wedding planning. Our budget isn't too high so we plan on doing a lot of it ourselves. Thank you for the offer - I will definitely let you know if any questions arise.

      Thank you for the sweet wishes! <3