23 April 2016

A List of Love

This month I am thankful for: the ability to visit Savannah with Alex (for the first time together). I've been there once before and Alex used to live there for many years. It will be nice to have him show me all of his old haunts. I'm also really excited to see how much he loves being back there.

Things that I have been loving:
  • being Alex's fiance (it still blows my mind to think that we dated when we were teenagers)
  • all things Tori Amos circa the nineties
  • listening to Lake Street Dive's newest album "Side Pony"
  • finishing out my glass jar storage collection
  • homemade matcha green tea coconut lattes
  • making more YouTube videos
  • The Girl In the Spider's Web, which is a continuation of the Millennium series written by a different author (it's so good)
  • writing more 

Create your own list of love. You can write it in the comments below or make your own post. If you do make a post, be sure to leave the link to it in the comments section. I can't wait to see your lists! Also, you are more than welcome to use the image above on your blog post - just make sure to credit me. 

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  1. You and Alex dated in high school?! How absolutely cool is that! I enjoyed your thankful list!

  2. ah - i love savannah! have fun! wish i was still close enough to just drive there for a weekend trip. its one of my favorite southern cities. xo