28 April 2016

Our Trip To Savannah

Alex & I got back from Savannah late last night. The four days we spent there were absolutely incredible. We stayed with his aunt and uncle in the Victorian district and it was a blast. I had a lot of fun meeting and spending time with his family - they are the sweetest people. Since Alex spent the majority of his twenties in Savannah, and worked at about a million of the restaurants there, it was really fun listening to him talk about the time he spent there while he was showing me the area. We even went to a few of the restaurants where he worked at!
I will miss heading out to Sentient Bean for our morning lattes, J Christopher's for breakfast, roaming around the historic district and creeping through cemeteries, checking out bookstores and walking around Forsyth Park. It's funny because as much as I loved Savannah, I think what I'll miss most will be spending four days straight with Alex. <3

We joked the whole trip that aside from seeing his family, we were really there for the food. So with that being said, I figured I'd list the restaurants we went to while we were there:
Sentient Bean, Vinnie Van Go Go, Treylor Park, J. Christopher's, Zunzi's, Taca, The Distillery, The Coffee Fox and Back In the Day Bakery. All of it was amazing too!
I honestly didn't take too many photos with my actual camera, but I did take a lot of videos and I'll be compiling that together over the weekend - so stay tuned cause I'll be posting the link to it once I'm done.


  1. Joe and I really enjoyed Savannah too. The cemeteries are not to be missed if you go there. So much history there to be discovered by reading the tombstones and plaques. We visited with our niece and her fiance who were attending SCAD, so we explored the school and some of the restaurants the kids like. Zunzi's Sandwich Shop and Saigon Bistro, plus a local diner we went to for breakfast two days in a row. Lots of fun!

    1. Savannah is pretty awesome. I love the Colonial Park cemetery the best, and you're right, it's just dripping with history! That's cool that you niece went to SCAD (so did Alex). Yes, Zunzi's! They have really good falafels.

      On a side note; I honestly can't wait to take Alex to New Orleans!

  2. Yay! I love love Savannah! Can't wait to see the video. xo