30 August 2016

Dripping with Happiness

image via unsplash

Mornings are the hardest part, because it's the start of the day that takes us away from each other. So we lie there with baited breath, knowing what the outcome will be. The clock stealing what little time we have left together. Olive thuds into bed next to me and we lie there even longer. Alarms go off and we rise from our bed; grudgingly removing the covers.

But all I want to do is stay in that moment; to feel the warmth of his body to the right of me - my arm holding him close. I want to feel Olive's little breath upon my face because she has shoved her fluffy self in between my chest and the inside of my left arm. I want to stay in that moment forever, because it feels like home. Safe, warm, and dripping with happiness.

Instead we reluctantly get dressed, wash our faces, brush our teeth. We feed the rabbit, make coffee and go our separate ways. Each departure sealed with a hug and a kiss.