18 August 2016

Our shrine, I mean bookcase...

Alex & I have a bookcase that was given to us by my parents. So when we moved in together, we loaded that thing up with our books, random oddities and other items that represent us. Alex likes to joke around that it's our shrine, and honestly, I couldn't agree more. It's just perfect.


  1. Oh man, there's not a lot I love more home decorating-wise than a really full bookshelf.

    I think one of the signs of a solid relationship is how well your stuff fits together on a bookshelf. (; Are those vials in the last picture?? I very much appreciate their presence next to the pink teddy bear.

    1. Hey Elle!!

      A really full bookshelf is what dreams are made of. Haha.

      I agree with the correlation between a solid relationship and an aesthetically pleasing bookcase!

      And yes, those are indeed vials. And that pink teddy bear is a gloomy bear:

  2. That is a great focal point and I think "shrine" is a good descriptive for it!! Thanks for sharing!

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