19 October 2016

How We Get Into the Halloween Spirit

how we get into the Halloween spirit
It sucks to live in Florida when all you want to do is see changing leaves and feel a chill in the air. But lately, Alex & I have been trying to channel what autumn and Halloween is all about by recreating it within our home. We have autumn-scented candles and delicious baked goods like my homemade pumpkin chocolate chip bread. The other day Alex & I stocked up on some Halloween decor and decorated. I even came across bat and pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters!

The Halloween festivities have also begun as well. During the month of October we watch a lot of Halloween-esq movies. Hocus Pocus & Beetlejuice are my all-time-favourite movies during this time of year. Speaking of movies, last Friday Alex & I went over to my parents' house to watch Dracula, Dead and Loving It. This coming Friday we're also going to watch Transylvania 6-5,000 with my parents, which is a movie that none of us has seen before.

Alex's jack-o-lantern 2015
Another thing Alex & I do to get in the Halloween spirit is construct an awesome jack-o-lantern. Alex did a really awesome one last year (as you can see on the left). This week Alex is finally going to carve our jack-o-lantern. And I plan on making pumpkin spiced cookies with my new cookie cutters.

If you're looking for a festive nail polish idea, be sure to check out my DIY Ghost Nails that I did last year.

Don't forget to check out our X-Files Mulder & Scully costumes from last year too!

What do you normally do to get into the Halloween spirit?


  1. Cute nails and great costumes from last year! Love last year's Jack-o-Lantern too. It will be fun to see what this year's looks like!! Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Terri. He's a pro at jack-o-lanterns for sure! I'll be posting the one from this year soon.

  2. I started burning "fall" candles in July. Fall is a state of mind, right!?

    Alex's jack-o-lantern skills are impressive. Mine always wind up looking like there's just a big piece missing.

    What are you guys going as this year!??!?!!? I need ideas.

    1. Oh it's totally a state of mind! Haha.

      I'll let Alex know you like his pumpkin. ;) Mine always look terrible too.

      As for costumes, I think I'll be going as Louise from Bob's Burgers and Alex has been talking about going as Ethan/werewolf from Penny Dreadful.