25 May 2017

How We Spend Our Weekends

It seems silly to write a post about weekends, but when you consider the fact that Alex & I both have jobs in industries where having weekends off are almost non-existent. It becomes somewhat noteworthy. Especially when we have two of the same days off. It's something that I am extremely thankful for. And in the vein of memories and the persistent need to document, well, here I am writing this post.

Now I have Saturday-Monday off and since I spend Saturdays cleaning and going to the gym and doing random Danielle-stuff (which includes, but is not limited to, reading and catching up on shows that Alex could care less about. Like re-watching Twin Peaks). Having Sundays and Mondays off as well works out for Alex & I. Granted our weekend plans change. For instance, we have Megacon coming up this Saturday and most weekends during the month we'll spend time with our parents. But here's what our typical weekend looks like and it's really our favourite way to spend it.

We have coffee in bed.
I tend to wake up earlier than Alex, so I'll make coffee for us.

Alex makes breakfast. If I haven't already succumbed to morning hunger (aka if Alex hasn't slept in too late) he will make us breakfast.

Olive gets time in her "diggy-box".
I'll scoop Olive up and put her in  her little dirt box in the living room while Alex & I spend time in there with her.

We play video games. This is Alex's favourite thing that we do during the weekend. I think if it was up to him he'd be cool with us playing video games all day.

We'll have our very own dance party. We have quite the selection of vinyl and it's always fun to listen to them.

We go on our version of antiquing. If we're feeling antsy or looking for a specific old record, we'll head to a place in town that has a great selection of used vinyl.

We enjoy homemade margaritas. Oh god. We're so addicted to margaritas. At least twice a month we'll have our very own little margarita party. If you're looking for a great margarita mix recipe, head over here.

We go on picnics. I love the outdoors and I love food, so picnics are pretty much a lovely necessity. Unfortunately, we only go on picnics when the weather is cooler.

What are your favourite things to do on the weekend? Let me know in the comments below so we can discuss.


  1. Sleep!! LOL At least sleep in!!

    1. Yeah that's what Alex does. I can't even seem to sleep in. Especially when I have a demanding little bunny waking me up at 6:30 every morning lol.