17 May 2017

DIY Yarney

I think it was sometime last year when Alex bought the video game Unravel for me. He's always trying to find video games that I would like and Unravel seemed to be right up my alley. I mean, I'm not really into video games, but when there's one that speaks to me, I get hooked. Unravel is a side-scrolling puzzle game (applied physics, too!) that is not only heartwarming and emotional, but also beautifully made with a lovely soundtrack. Several weeks ago, we finally finished the game and that day we made our very own Yarney. It's really simple (three easy steps!) and even if you haven't played the video game - it's still pretty cute.
Here's what you'll need:
  • scissors
  • red yarn
  • white yarn
  • bendable wire
  • a paper clip
Here's how to do it...

Step One: Make the Skeleton
Take your bendable wire and start making Yarney's wire skeleton. We made ours using three different pieces: the head, arms and legs. We attached each piece together with more wire. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just make sure that his legs and arms are both the same length. As for his head, the goal is to have it crescent shaped on the top. Ignore the little dragon on ours, Alex added that for fun. ;)

Step Two: Start Wrapping
Take your red yarn and start wrapping Yarney's skeleton. Don't worry about being precise here. The more chaotic it looks, the better. As for where to start, it's really up to you. We started with the head and worked our way down. However make sure that wherever you do start that you finish there before moving onto a different area. So finish the arms first before moving onto the torso. A little tip: when you are wrapping his torso make sure you go down a little past where his legs start. The key here is to make a little "shirt". Which you can see in the photo above. Once you're done wrapping, cut the yarn and tuck it underneath. Here's what you'll have once you are done...
Step Three: The Eyes
I'm not going to lie. This was super frustrating for me and I still feel as though I could have made the eyes better. You're going to want to take your paper clip and thread in the white yarn. Yarney's eyes are almond-shaped, so try to aim for that. Once you are done making the eyes, simply tuck the white yarn underneath the red.

So there you have it. A super easy way to make your own Yarney!