10 May 2017

When He Makes Her Dinner

In our house Alex does the cooking and I do the cleaning. It works for us too. I mean I'm good at cooking, but I like baking more. Besides that, Alex has been a professional chef for over 15 years and his meals are always way better than what I can make. So last week, while I was stuffing my face with some salmon fishcakes that Alex had made us, I told him that I really needed to start photographing the dinners that he makes us, like I used too. If you're interested, I posted all of the meals on Instagram under the hashtag: #whenhemakesherdinner.

Somewhere along the way, life got busy and I stopped taking photos. Which sucks because Alex really does make the most delicious and pretty looking food. So, instead of filling up my Instagram with photos of the dinners he makes, I'm turning it into a series here on the blog. Which I'm excited about. Please say hello to, When He Makes Her Dinner.
Here's what Alex made us last week:
Featured meals: salmon fishcakes w/ mango salsa, grilled steak w/ garlic rice and veggies (w/ mango salsa), homemade guacamole and mini burger sliders topped w/ a fried egg and my homemade pickles and a side of roasted potatoes.

Oh and by the way, I completely forgot to take a photo of the pesto/alfredo fettuccine and grilled chicken that he made us last night and I'm still kicking myself. Hopefully I won't forget next time. It's just so hard because whenever he puts a plate in front of me the food looks and smells so good that I want to eat it as quickly as I can.


  1. Aw I love this idea! Like a delicious scrapbook. Diego and I are the exact same way - I can cook a decent meal but what he makes is always sooo much better because he knows fancier tricks/actually likes doing it. My wedding vows seriously might include, "I'll clean our toilets forever if you promise to keep cooking meals with more than three ingredients that don't look like a pile of slop on a plate."

    I'm reading this right before lunch and those sliders are killing me. I want to eat the computer screen.

    1. Thanks, Elle! A delicious scrapbook indeed. ;) Are guys are skilled - we're lucky, huh?

      I'll clean toilets forever. Scouts honor.

      Hopefully you don't have computer screen stuck in your teeth. lol.

  2. Oh my, how nice it must be to have a man in the kitchen!! Joe does PBJs and can make coffee in the Kuerig. I would happily clean up too! Lucky you!!

    1. As long as the PB&Js are killer it's all good. :)