26 June 2017

Olive's First Sleepover

On Saturday afternoon I took Olive over to my mom's house for her first sleepover. After the whole honeymoon bunny-fiasco, where Olive had a bout of stasis and we had to catch an early flight home, Alex & I decided we needed another way. Because we really want to start going on longer trips.

During our honeymoon we left Olive at our place alone and had Megan feed her and visit her for a few hours. We figured that it didn't work as well because once Megan left, Olive was alone and felt neglected. So, with a two-day trip coming up in a few weeks, we thought it would be best to do a trial run of her spending the night at my parents.

And I'm happy to report that it worked! In fact, the photo above was taken after she wore herself out from running around their living room like crazy. Olive was such a champ with the sleepover and I honestly think that my mom was more nervous than Olive was.

She a great car rider too! I'm just so proud of her. Way to go, Olive!


  1. It makes travels so much more fun when we aren't worrying about our fur-children!! Yay for Olive and yay for your mom!!

    1. This is so true. I'm so glad that Olive feels safe with my mom. :)