25 July 2017

Wedding Dress Shopping for My Sister

This past Saturday I went with my sister, Caitlin and two of her good friends, Mallory and Nicole, to go wedding dress shopping. A few months ago Caitlin got engaged to Jeremy and I'm still a little emotional about it. I mean, my little sister will be getting married!! Anyways, we all headed to Tampa on Saturday so Caitlin could figure out the style she wanted. It was pretty crazy to see her in all those dresses. This was really just a trial run, but she's decided that she wants a skirt and a top, instead of one dress. The next time she goes to a bridal store, she's taking mom with us. So, I'm pretty excited about that. Afterwards we went to Oxford Exchange for lunch.

Later that night Caitlin & Jeremy, Nicole, Mallory & her husband, Alex & I all went out for drinks. We started out at an awesome restaurant in town, Posto 9. They had a DJ on the roof lounge and somehow we managed to get the majority of everyone up there to sing along to the songs. It was crazy! After which, Jeremy decided that we should all do karaoke at some hotel bar in town. It was weird, but we all managed to have a lot of fun. Caitlin, Jeremy, Alex and I stayed out past midnight. Needless to say, Alex and I ended up taking a two hour nap on Sunday.

Here's a screenshot of a boomerang that Nicole took that night. It's pretty hilarious.


  1. What fun!! Oh, to be young again!! :)

  2. :)

    Missing you at work already.
    I hope your retirement has been lovely.