17 August 2017

We are better than this...

It's hard to try and come up with a way to say this, without getting political. But I don't want to just sit back and say nothing. Because this isn't okay - we are better than this! We have to be.

I am so saddened in regards to the state of affairs within our country. Hate and discrimination is something I will never understand. I wish it was as easy as saying that love wins but for the times when it doesn't... it's hard to think of what to say or do. It is such a terrible thing when love and acceptance loses to hate, ignorance and fear.

Although my voice may not be loud or even matter, I just wanted to put it out there.
To simply add a small voice to a huge and serious issue.


  1. There are more of us than we might think...we just don't get the press coverage that the others get. It makes me sad. Very sad.

    1. That's a comforting thought to think that there is more of people like us out there.