24 August 2017

My Journey Into Essentials Oils

Essential oils have always appealed to me. In fact, anything that isn't laden with chemicals or unnatural has always been my go to. Most of the time I'll forgo medicine unless I am dying. So, when I found out about essential oils, I knew it was something that I should at least look into. The first essential oil I ever got was tea tree oil and I was pretty impressed with it. I know a lot of people have jumped on the essential oil train in the last few years, but I've come to find that there's a legitimate reason for it.

The first set of oils I purchased was a set of five by the company Nature Love. These essential oils have a carrier oil added to it. Which, even though I still use them, I kind of regret spending the money on them. I wish I would have done more research and just headed to my local health food store and purchased the ones there. The essential oils with the carrier oils aren't as strong as the ones without, but I've found that they work pretty well whenever I apply them externally. As for diffusing them, they leave the diffuser oily and the scents aren't as strong.

However about a week ago I bought some essential oils from the health food store and they are 100% essential oils. With no carrier oils added at all. And they work wonderfully in our diffuser. I was able to get Tangerine by Aura Cacia and Goodnite Calming blend by Nature's Truth. I also got a spray for bites, cuts and burns. I've only bought three so far. Because I'm still researching which ones to get next. The ones that will be a perfect fit for our needs.

So what do I use essential oils for? I actually use them for a lot of things. Cleaning, headaches, sleeping problems, a little pick me up, etc. But this might be a topic for another blog post. Besides, I do have a lot more to learn about essential oils, all their uses and specifics in general. For now, I just wanted to say that I'm loving this journey so far.

Have you ever used essential oils? Which ones do you swear by? Let me know in the comments below, so we can discuss!


  1. I love tea tree oil for so many things - more medicinal. I used to have several, but used them up and just haven't gotten back into it. David Nateman was our Curator of Education years ago at PMA and his wife mixed her own and had them for sale. She use hemp oil as her carrier of choice. I agree, though, that 100% is better! Bridgette Antolick does chair massages at the Farmer's Market downtown and she also teaches essential oil classes. Her email is and she is working out of The Copper Penny on S. FL Avenue. She is a beautiful soul, like you!!

    1. Love tea tree oil! That so cool that there's actually someone in town who teaches an essential oils class. - thanks for her information. And thank you! You have a beautiful soul too!! <3