23 August 2017

My Day Was Busy aka I almost forgot to blog...

I almost forgot to blog today.... but it's been busy. I had a staff meeting, finished up an article and headed to spin and yoga class. Alex made some awesome tacos for dinner and I made us a margarita to go with it. We've been spending our evening reading and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and Parks & Rec. I don't really have too much to share today. Except that I'm almost finished with Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I absolutely love her books. So far I've read Dark Places and The Grownup. I've seen both Dark Places and Gone Girl, but never read Gone Girl.

Have you read anything by Gillian Flynn? Is there any book you'd like to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing about new books!


  1. I've not read any Gillian Flynn yet. I think I have Gone Girl on my Kindle. Danielle, you really need to read the Outlander series. There are eight books with an nineth coming out. AMAZING. I know you would love them. Kalisa got me started on to her!! :)

    1. I'm going to have to check the library. I've promised myself I wouldn't really buy any books this year. Either finish what I already have (which are over twenty books) or borrow from the library. Luckily, they have Kindle versions. Thanks for the recommendation. I appreciate it!