22 August 2017

Through the Lens: Solar Eclipse 2017

I can't help it, I love all things astronomy. Perhaps it's because it so incredible and inspiring. Maybe it's because even though I have a pretty good understanding of science, things like eclipses, blood moons and the moon in general are still magical to me. You can see my failed attempt at capturing the super blood moon of 2015: here. Regardless the reason, anytime something like this comes around - I feel a strong urge to experience the beauty of it. As we all know, Monday was the first solar eclipse in about 99 years and even though the state of Florida experienced a partial one - it was still awesome to see.

Yesterday afternoon my Mom, Alex & I met up with Megan & Justin at a downtown park to see the solar eclipse. Luckily, Megan & Justin had the special glasses, so we spent our time sharing two glasses between the five of us. It was quite humbling to see the moon eclipse the sun, and of course, awe-inspiring. Even though I wasn't able to get any really awesome photos, the ones I did get will always be special to me: a memory spent with those who mean so much to me and a simple reminder of how incredible this universe truly is.


  1. You got some great photos! It wasn't much here in central Florida, but what we did get, you captured beautifully!