21 August 2017

St. Pete Day Trip: Mazzaro's Italian Market

On Saturday Alex & I took a little day trip to St. Pete to visit Mazzaro's Italian Market and we were thoroughly impressed. The photo was epic, the selection of goods that had was incredible and the desserts were killer. The place was packed and everyone there sounded like my New Yorker mother.

Alex and I ate sandwiches on their patio and enjoyed some cold brewskies. I couldn't get over how packed the place was. Or how delicious (and cheap) our food was. Mazzaro's definitely a must if you live in central Florida. Plus, there's an awesome record store next door, which Alex and I spent a very long time in. It's called Bananas and it's absolutely huge with tons of records - most of which can be difficult to find. So, if you're into Italian food and records - this is an awesome trip to take.

As for the rest of our weekend, we relaxed at home, watched the Defenders and imbibed on some homemade margaritas. All in all a perfect weekend.

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! As for now, I'm still cooling down from the heat after a mini eclipse viewing party. I'll post all about that tomorrow - so be sure to come back for that.


  1. I'm SO HAPPY you finally made it to Mazzaro's!! We love it there (as you know!)!! Yum. Just yum!!

    1. It was really awesome! Their food is just so good.