04 August 2017

My Weekly Workout Routine

​I've been working out for a long time now. Which is a big deal for me because I used to not exercise at all in my early twenties. Even though I've been in my workout routine for awhile now, I'm still learning a lot. And it goes without saying that I am by no means a professional. I just do what's right for me and what makes me feel good about myself.​ I'll be honest, some weeks I only get two sessions of cardio in. Other weeks I get at least 4. It really depends on how I'm feeling and what life is like. But the one thing I always get in is yoga and weight training. Because it helps me focus on my personal wellness. Yoga really helps me manage stress and make me feel more centered.

Here's what my weekly workout routine looks like:

Tuesday - Cardio at home: I've scoured Pinterest for some at home cardio routines and these are the best ones I've found... one and two. I actually work up quite a sweat and the best part is that they only take 20 minutes. I also throw in some weight training with a 5lb dumbbell. Here's a really great one too.

Wednesday - Cardio & Bend and Flow Yoga: Once I get to the gym I run for 20-30 minutes. I'll run for a mile and depending on how I feel, I'll run another half mile and then I'll interval between a 30 second sprint and a 30 second rest. Raising the speed from 6 mph to 8 mph. I also use this Interval Workout on days where I don't feel like running at the same speed. Afterwards, I'll head to a 45 minute yoga class. Flow yoga focuses on holding poses and flowing between lots of poses - we also focus on balance.

Thursday - Cardio & Yoga Sculpt: If I don't feel like running again I'll either use the stair stepper or elliptical for 20-30 minutes. Although this might change. Yesterday I tried a 45 minute spin class for the first time - and I loved it. I don't do any weight training on this day because the yoga class uses weights.Yoga Sculpt is a 60 minute class that focuses on poses with weights thrown into the mix - this is the yoga class where I burn the most calories.

Friday - Cardio at home: This is still an up in the air workout day. I had intentions of starting this today, but after last night's spin class and Olive waking me up at 5AM, I'm a little worn out. But next Friday... I'm coming for 'ya!

Saturday - Yoga Fit: Sometimes I'll run before hand, sometimes I don't. But I've found that even if I run for 10 minutes prior to yoga class I get a lot more out of it. Yoga Fit is an active 60 minute class dedicated to holding poses and doing deep stretches. Which is great after I've worked out all week long. I always leave this class feeling like a new person and completely relaxed.

As for counting calories, I don't really do it. I am just conscious of what I consume. I try not to eat too much sugar - it makes me sick to my stomach. I try to eat a lot of veggies and lean meats. I eat very little processed foods and bread (trust me, it happens sometimes) and I try my hardest to stay away from cheese. Even though I don't count calories, I do love using my Apple watch to figure out how many calories I've burned during any given workout. Mainly because I am always amazed by how much I do indeed burn. I used to have a Polar watch and it was okay, but the Apple watch is a lot better.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what my weekly workout routine looks like. I had a lot of fun sharing it!
I'll check back in with you all on Monday. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Do you work out? What does your weekly workout routine look like? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I got a workout just reading about yours! (giggles) Good for you, Danielle! Keep at it. You look fabulous!!