07 August 2017

Our Weekend

Now I don't think I'll do a weekend recap every Monday, but the last weekend was pretty fun, so I figured I'd share ours. Friday night we went out for Mexican with Megan and Justin. Margaritas were had and Megan and Alex "nerded out" over Game of Thrones. It was First Friday downtown so we walked around, went to the antique store down there. Then made our way to Scout & Tag and a record store. We all found some records too! Alex found two Steve Martin stand-up records and I found a Hall & Oates vinyl of Private Eyes. Afterwards we all went back to our place where we played video games and listened to music.
Saturday, after yoga Alex & I hung out, ran some errands and then went on a coffee date. Which was followed by an awesome thunderstorm and a trip to the bookstore. We ambled around in random stores too. We spent the rest of the evening vegging out and watching TV. Saturday was actually pretty uneventful come evening time. I was pretty tired since Olive woke me up around 5 earlier that morning. And after all the running around, I was spent.
Sunday rolled around. I made us breakfast, with homemade no-knead skillet bread, scrambled eggs and french press coffee. The bread was so, so good and really easy to make. You can find the recipe here. Then Alex headed off to work for a tiny two-hour shift since they needed an extra chef of staff for brunch. Afterwards we went on another coffee date and I finished my book that I started a few weeks ago. It's called Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney. It's written in second person and absolutely incredible. For dinner we had chicken tacos and then headed over to my sister's to watch Twin Peaks. We finished off our weekend while watching Game of Thrones while Olive hung out with us in the living room.

So, that was our weekend? How was yours? I hope it was awesome! Let me know in the comments below.


  1. My weekend is posted in my recap blog where you can read all about it. Looks like you two had a great weekend!! I love Hall & Oates, by the way!