26 September 2017

First Fall Weekend Recap

This past weekend I welcomed Fall with open arms. Think Fall decor & scented candles, pumpkin spice and baked apples. Even though Alex keeps prattling on about how it isn't truly Fall until the weather is cooler. My reply was something about how at least next week is in the mid-eighties. Needless to say it's a lesson in picking your battles. Haha! As tradition has it, I spent Friday afternoon decorating our place for Fall and I'm loving it. I especially love our new doormat - which you can see above. I've decided that it will be a year-round doormat. Because, why not! #everydayishalloween ;) As for the rest of our place, I really need to take some photos and share them on here. I've just been rather busy this past weekend - which has been a ton of fun.
On Saturday, since Aunt Mona and Uncle Bill were in town from Indiana, we took them out for lunch. Alex's sister came with us too. We all imbibed in a little too much Thai food. Alex & I were pretty excited to show his aunt and uncle our place - which they loved. We made it a point to take a little family photo too. Needless to say, I was pretty sad when it was time for Bill and Mona to leave.

Later that night, Alex & I headed to Orlando to see The Church play at the Social. I've listened to The Church since high school and I would have never thought I'd have a chance to see them in concert. The show was absolutely amazing.  They even played a lot of my favourite songs - including Reptile. I'm still a little over the moon about it too.

I even got a chance to talk to the lead singer, Steve Kilbey, (for less than 10 seconds, but still)! However, I don't think Alex & I will be making it back to the Social anytime soon. They're A/C wasn't on and it was like an oven inside that venue. Ugh! As for more photos, I'll post the rest of them in the next few days - so stay tuned!


  1. I LOVE the family photo! Where do you two go for Thai food? I can't imagine a concert venue without AC!! Maybe it was just because of Irma? Love your doormat!!

    1. Thank you, thank you! Sorry for the late reply. I really need to remember to check this space.

      We went to Thai Spice.