21 September 2017

Midwest Travels: Evansville, Indiana

Last week Alex & I went to Evansville, Indiana to visit his aunt and uncle. We had an absolutely lovely time too. We stayed at their house and it was so, so nice to get to know them better. His uncle makes some incredible pour over coffee too! They made sure to only take us to locally owned restaurants. The first night, his cousin came with us to dinner at a weird, little restaurant called the House of Como. This place was decked out in christmas decorations - everywhere. It didn't matter though, because they had the BEST food.We had incredible Mexican, Greek, killer breakfast food and locally made doughnuts. Aside from the awesome food, I became enamored with the landscape that makes up Indiana. Lots and lots of cornfields! I had never seen a cornfield in person before and to be honest, I kind of loved it. They also took us to a barn to visit their horse and potbellied pig.


On Saturday they took us to a heritage festival in a small, neighboring town called New Harmony. This town had some pretty crazy history as well. Back in the early 1800's it was established by the Harmony Society. This town was an attempt at a utopian community. Needless to say it failed. But what a stunning town! It's nestled by the Wabash River and we had great time exploring the downtown area. We even stumbled across a coffee house named after the Black Lodge from the show Twin Peaks. Luckily, for us they had some dame fine coffee too! I mean, seriously, that alone was pretty awesome in itself.

All in all, it was a lovely trip. It was my first time visiting the Midwest and I fell in love with Indiana. To be honest, there's part of me that truly wouldn't mind living there. We plan on visiting his aunt and uncle again in the near future. They were such lovely hosts and we have such great memories from our visit.


  1. I had to chuckle when I read you had never seen a corn field in person. I grew up in corn country (in Ohio). Glad you enjoyed your time in the Midwest!!

    1. It's crazy isn't it? I've been everywhere on the East coast and to California, but never made it to the midwest. I'm in love with cornfields now though!