26 November 2018

I'm typing this as I lounge on the sofa in our living room with the Bob Newhart Show playing in the background. It's raining outside and Alex is still taking his nap - poor thing had to go into work at 6AM today, after a long night of not sleeping well. I'm feeling our little bébé kicking like crazy. Our christmas tree is up and the light from the tree is filling the room as the sun starts to go down outside.

If you already know me, you know that I absolutely love the holiday season. I love all of the festive to-do's, spending time with family and just the all around coziness that comes along with it. And lately, I've been thinking a lot about how come next Christmas, we'll have a little 8-month old to celebrate the holidays with. I cannot wait to see our little boy's eyes light up with all the new experiences that the holidays bring. It's wild and I seriously cannot wait.