06 November 2018

Our Baby's Gender Reveal Party

We did our own take on a gender reveal party for our little boy. Instead of Alex & I being surprised, we surprised our family and we loved every minute of it. I made the cakes (yes, there were two - one cake for the reveal and one for eating because blue dye, blech!).

There were two games. First I had everyone select a paint sample in the color of what they thought the baby was - blue for a boy and pink for a girl. The next game was partially me trying to throw my family off a bit. I had them pick first names and middle names from bowls and piece together 10 different names that they liked for a girl.

The suspense was definitely killing them... that name game took about 10 minutes for everyone to complete and it was totally worth it for me. Everyone was getting so impatient with excitement and demanding that we cut the cake already.

Since I thought it would be the most fun, I pitted my Mom and Alex's Mom against each other when it came to the cake cutting. I gave them each a knife and had them cut into the cake to see what gender our little baby was. There was A LOT of excitement at that moment. Well, here - go ahead and take a look for yourself...

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  1. Loved the video!! I'm so excited for you!! Love, love, love!!