26 April 2019

Baby Boy - Two Months

I cannot believe that two months have already flown by! Our little love is growing so fast and his personality is really starting to show. He's a lot more alert now. He loves sitting under his play gym that I made him and looking at himself in his mirror. He hates being burped in the middle of eating and loves falling asleep while on your shoulder afterward. He smiles at us in response (not all the time but it's starting to become a thing now). None of his premie onesies fit anymore - he's long and skinny with a cute little belly. Time is such a thief, but it's incredible to watch him grow.


  1. I can't wait to meet him in person!!

  2. Visiting you today from the blog of your friend Terri (Your Friend From Florida). You have a beautiful son, created for a wonderful purpose that will bless you greatly. Enjoy your celebration today of the victories in his precious life.