16 April 2019

Our Son's Tenotomy Surgery

Last Thursday, our sweet boy had his tenotomy surgery and I'm happy to say that it was a huge success. I stayed with him over night for observation and he did incredibly well. It was scary, and I was an anxious mess beforehand, but the surgery was so quick. Next thing I knew the anesthesiologist was running out to get me to bring him some food. Three more weeks of these blue casts and then he gets his boots and bar. My mother in law has decided that we're going to throw him a little party in celebration of it as well. We're so excited!


  1. Sweet, sweet boy!! I'm am SO happy to learn that the first surgery was a great success! So will the ones the follow! Thanks for the update, Danielle! Love & hugs!

    1. Love and hugs right back! Glad you could make it to his boots and bar party.