01 July 2019

Baby Boy - Four Months

I can't believe that my baby is already four months old! It feels like just yesterday that we brought that tiny little boy home from the hospital, Alex slowly driving us, with me sitting in the back seat, eyes fixed on our son who came almost a month early. He has grown SO much in the past four months and things are really starting to get fun now. The way he interacts with us is great. We love doing silly things to make him laugh. I sing to him every morning and he always wakes up with a smile on his face.

This kid can roll from his back to his stomach and to his stomach to his back. He loves to sleep on his stomach now, just like his mama. He has soft, small giggles and sometimes burrows his face into your chest when he's feeling exceptionally shy from smiling. He babbles a lot now too. You can find him consistently making noises and "talking" with people.
He truly enjoys gnawing on and holding onto his bunny blanket soother, which Alex & I have named "Shadow" and he can't get enough of playing with his wooden Skwish rattle. He loves kicking his feet when he has his out of boots and bar time. Tummy time used to be a dreaded thing in our house, but heloves it now. He even does it on his own. He's a champ at sleeping too. He'll sleep from 10pm to 7am! Needless to say, Alex & I are finally catching up on so much needed sleep.

It's been so fun seeing his personality come out more and more. He's so easy going and smiles at the drop of a hat. We're still trying to figure out who he looks like most. Somedays he'll look like me and other days he'll look like Alex had an immaculate conception. His eyes are starting to show some color and I think they might eventually be greenish. He's still wearing size 3 months in clothes because he's long and lean like his dada. We can't wait to see what happens over this next month. We love you little one!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Danielle! Cooper is so adorable! Look at the personality in that face! Happy 4 month birthday!