30 September 2019

Baby Boy - Seven Months

Happy seven months to this raspberry blowing, "mama"/"baba" babbling, apple and carrot loving little dude. You're SO close to crawling it's almost ridiculous. You love rolling around, sitting while looking at yourself in the mirror, and doing baby planks and downward-facing dogs. You laugh A LOT more than you did a month ago and your dada and I can't seem to get enough of it. You have two bottom teeth coming in and you've been super chill about it.

You are our favorite person - we're so happy that we get to call you our son.


  1. Oh my gosh, Danielle! Cooper is ADORABLE!!! What a handsome little man! I am still smiling at that sweet face!

    1. He's just the cutest - I know it seems bias since I'm his mother but man, his smile just melts my heart!