24 December 2014

It's that time of year

This month has flown by and every single day has been incredibly magical. I'm not sure if I love the month of December even more because it is my birth month, or what, but I am just so happy once December 1st rolls around. Even though I am at work right now, semi-slaving away on christmas Eve, I am in such a good mood. I've brought in cookies for my fellow co-workers and we're listening to christmas music as if it were going out of style.

I'm really looking forward to tonight because I'm throwing my second annual family christmas eve party and I can't wait to see my parents, sister & her boyfriend Brandon. Once I get off work I'll be putting the finishing decorative touches for the party, creating the hors d'oeuvres and baking ugly sweater cookies. I cannot wait to eat, drink and be merry with my family while listening to even more christmas music and watching Scrooged and Christmas Vacation

 I hope all of you are have a lovely christmas eve and a merry christmas day tomorrow!
16 December 2014

Through the Lens: Sparkle

Brooke and I spent Monday morning exploring one of our favourite nature reserves in town and the water was so sparkly. When I took these photo the sunshine sparkling on the water turned into glitter. It really instilled the true magic of the holidays.
13 December 2014

Turning Thirty: 12-12

Last night I celebrated my thirtieth birthday and it was by far the best birthday I have ever had. My closest friends surrounded me in a night that I will remember forever. We went to a local burger joint, The Chop Shop for dinner and drinks, and indulged in an awesome coffin cake. The night was full of lively conversations and so much love. This feeling of love is overwhelming in such a great way. I feel insanely loved by my incredible friends because they happily jettisoned me into my thirtieth year. And last night I was struck with feeling of greatness. There was something beautiful and awe-inspiring about seeing them all talking, laughing, and celebrating with me. Something that I will carry within my heart until the day I die.

I could sit here and write about all the ways in which life has changed for me. How I’ve learned so much, experienced so much and how comfortable I am with who I’ve become. I could… but I won’t.

I am happy. And that is all that I could ever ask for…
07 December 2014

The Colour Teal

I hate photos of feet, but the story behind this one is good enough to make me break my own rule. I spent last night hanging out with my best friend, Brooke. We had some brewskies, talked up a storm and watched House of Cards (because she's been telling me about it for months now). We were lounging on the couch, when out of nowhere Brooke looks at me, and with excitement in her voice asks me if my nails are indeed painted teal. I was slightly confused as to why she would be excited about something so random until she showed me that hers were painted the exact same colour. And to make things even more oddly serendipitous, we had both painted them that colour earlier that day!

It's strange & random occurrences like this that make me realize (time and time again) that Brooke and I truly are meant to be best friends.