31 October 2017

Halloween Costumes: Lydia Deetz & Old Man Logan

This year Alex & I couldn't decide on an epic couples costume. So I dressed up as my spirit animal Lydia Deetz and he went as Old Man Logan. This is actually my second time going as here but I totally don't care. This year I took it up a notch by making my own "Handbook for the Recently Deceased" book.

Alex did so well with his "old man" makeup that he looked completely different! He had a blast too... except he's really missing his mustache. Poor thing.

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28 October 2017

Through the Lens: Oh My Gourd!

I swear, I could take photos of pumpkins for a thousand years and never get sick of looking at them.
26 October 2017

An Extra Spooky Halloween Playlist

Once October rolls around I have a tendency to listen to a lot of Type O Negative. But as much as I'd love to listen to their albums on repeat the whole month, I think I'd drive Alex crazy. Lucky for him I like a wide variety of music. Both of us love creating playlists for pretty much anything. Oh, it's our anniversary? There's a playlist for that! We're going on a road trip? You bet there's a playlist (even if we just made it during the first 20 minutes of driving). It's a holiday? You got yourself a playlist! It only makes sense that we'd make one for Halloween.

P.S. I'm giving you a heads up here.... there's like 74 songs on this playlist - we don't mess around. Giddy up! ;)


Let me know what you think... did we forget something? Let me know in the comments below.
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19 October 2017

It's the Great Pumpkin, Olive Gooseberry

Olive truly is the perfect model. And what better way to celebrate Fall and Halloween than taking photos of a cute, fluffy bunny with a pumpkin? Granted these are from last year, but I'll surely be taking more once Alex & I get some pumpkins this weekend.
14 October 2017

Memories ripe with the feeling of unwavering love...

Sometimes when life happens it can be incredibly difficult to see how special certain moments truly are. At times we might take our life for granted. Instead of seeing how fortunate we are. We wish for one thing or another, and somehow we miss the reality of it all. I remember a few months after Alex & I started dating we lived with my parents in order to save money for our first place. Somehow the two of us managed to share a twin size bed. The bed was so small that most nights Alex would wake up on the floor, but somehow we managed. Our room was tiny and the furniture I inherited from my grandparents filled up the majority of it. Along with Olive's cage, which was nestled on the floor under the window at the foot of our bed, the room was slightly cramped. I remember anxiously dreaming about the time when we could finally have a place of our own and yes, a bigger bed.

Whenever I think about it now that twin bed we shared seems so magical, so perfect. Because honestly, it was. Our love was fresh and life had just begun for us. Our bed is much bigger now, but sometimes, oddly enough, I despise the extra space. Most of the time we'll find our way back to each other, eyes heavy with sleep, bodies curving around the others. And sometimes, if we're lucky Olive will wedge her fluffy little self between the two of us. This new normal that fills up our days and nights in a place we call our own is heavenly. When a quiet moment presents itself I can't help but recall our beginnings: a girl and a boy reconnecting after seventeen years apart - finding a love so deep that neither one of them knew existed. It's in those moments that I remember the beauty of our past and take note of how it's transformed into memories that I will cherish forever. Memories ripe with a feeling of unwavering love that I will hold steady in my heart until the moon begins its slow decay.

Also, if you'd like to read an interesting article on the moon's inevitable disintegration head over here.
12 October 2017

Our St. Augustine Travel Guide

Honestly, I've had this post in my draft section for awhile now and figured it was about time that I  shared Our St. Augustine Travel Guide. Alex & I have been to St. Augustine twice together. Back in July, we headed down to the historic district of St. Augustine to celebrate our two year dating anniversary. This was our first visit in over a year, so it really felt like a new adventure. Especially since we made it a point to visit different and new places. The drive from where we live is almost 3 hours, so after we packed up the car, dropped Olive off at my moms and loaded up on coffee - we made our way to St. Augustine.

Ancient City Brewing - If you're looking for good, locally crafted beer - this is the place to be. Their Castillo Coconut Porter and Mantanzas River Red Ale is to die for. We didn't notice this place first time we went and we were very pleased when we stumbled upon it last time.
The KookaburraA small, but perfect coffee shop located right across from the Plaza de la Constitucion. The have unique lattes like the Honey Badger and Mocha Nut. They also serve aussie pies.

Ice Plant Bar - Their food was pretty amazing here. We ended up sharing the best burger we've had in awhile. We meant to get a handcrafted cocktail, but didn't. Maybe next time!
Costa Brava - Located in the Casa Monica hotel, their charcuterie board was to die for. Their margaritas are pretty epic too.
Cousteau's Waffle & Milkshake Bar - Hot, delicious waffles and decadent ice cream. Need I say more?
Thai House & Sushi Bar - Alex was in sushi heaven. Fresh fish and unique rolls. We actually went to this restaurant the night Alex proposed, but it back then it was called Spy Sushi.
The Hyppo - They offer incredible popsicles in crazy flavour combinations. Definitely a must.

Fort Mantanzas - An awesome fort that was built in 1924.
Flagler College - This building was a luxury hotel that was built in 1888.
Lightner Museum - Another luxury hotel built in 1887.
St. Augustine Lighthouse - This lighthouse was erected in 1874.
Tolomato Cemetery - This 18th century cemetery is located right near the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse.
Plaza de la Constitucion - Located in the square of St. Augustine, it features old cannons. It's also the oldest public park in continental United States. If you stop by on the right day, they have vendors selling their goods.
Tone Vendor - We aren't really shoppers, so you won't find a list of shop recommendations from us. However, we love adding more vinyl to our record collection. And Tone Vendor had an insane amount of vinyl that we haven't seen in a lot of record stores.

I hope this helps you in any future trips you might take to St. Augustine. Have you ever been before? Any places that you think we should check out next time we go? Let me know in the comments below, so we can discuss!
09 October 2017

The Church

The Church | September 23, 2017 | The Social, Orlando

I've wanted to see the Church for a while now and I'm so glad that I finally got the chance. They put on an incredible show - every ethereal sound you hear on any one of their albums was perfectly replicated on stage. I was very happy to hear them play a lot of my favourite songs: "Reptile", "Unguarded Moment",  and "Metropolis" - just to name a few. And of course, they played their famous one, "Under the Milkyway". As an added bonus, I met Steve Kilbey (the lead singer) and spoke with him for not even a minute, but still!
05 October 2017

Around Our Home - Halloween Edition

Hey, everyone! I figured it would be fun to start a new series called "Around Our Home". A series where I show you guys a little bit of what our home looks like at any given time. Now that October is here, what better way to kick off this series with showing you our Halloween decor! Now I love decorating - I adore the idea of finding or making unique pieces for our home. Special touches that really make it ours. And I really love decorating for the holidays. For example, when the first day of Fall rolls around I start decorating. And once October hits, I add even more fun Halloween pieces into the mix. Skulls, pumpkins, bats, you name it. And of course my favourite; a Kilner jar full of mellowcreme pumpkins (that will take me close to six months to finish). I hope you enjoy a look around our home!

Do you like decorating? What's your favourite holiday to decorate for? Let me know in the comments below! And if you'd like to see other areas of our home, let me know!
03 October 2017

Date Night: Ella's Folk Art Cafe

On Friday we had a little out of town date night. We hit up Ikea (yes, Ikea) and then went to Ella's Folk Art Cafe in Tampa. This was the third time Alex has taken me to Ella's. The first time we went was when we went to Comic Con and then we went again for my birthday last year. If you haven't been there before, and live in Central Florida, I highly suggest heading over there. Ella's has tons of artwork from local artists and even has live music. As for their food, we've never disappointed. This time we shared an order of the homemade black bean hummus. For dinner, I got the "The Wino" burger and Alex got the "Tuna Tartare Tacos" and "Rasta-Far-Fries". Luckily we got to sit outside - even though it was raining. It was pretty cool!

All in all, we had an extremely lovely time. There's also been talk about heading back there this coming Saturday with family. Fingers crossed that we get to eat their killer food again!
01 October 2017

Through the Lens: Smashed Pumpkins

Happy October, everyone! I hope you enjoy these photos of an imploded jack-o-lantern; back from when Alex & I started dating.