31 March 2017

How To Hygge In the Spring

Last year, in the throes of winter, I wrote about hygge (re: coziness). With a few weeks into spring, hygge looks a little different. Especially in Florida, when daily highs have a tendency to reach over 85. Luckily the nights are still cool... So, yes, spring is here, but that doesn't mean that hygge should be left behind. In my opinion, a home should always be cozy - no matter what the season. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share how I hygge in the spring.

Bring Home Fresh Flowers

Flowers have a lovely way of making any home feel peaceful. However, steer clear from artificial flowers, it just doesn't give the same effect. Simple, colourful bouquets will keep you connected to the natural world. If you have a green thumb, opt for indoor flowers like hyacinths. Don't forget about the greenery with easy to maintain pot plants, like succulents or cacti!

Let In Some Light

I am a sucker for natural light. If it were up to me I'd have multiple windows in every room. Throw open the curtains or open the windows. Natural light is a great mood booster and now that it's getting darker later you can enjoy it even more!

Delve Into Spring Scents

Candles aren't just for fall and winter. In springtime, the key is to find fresh scented candles. Candles that remind you of well, all things Spring. Using candles will help you to add that feeling of hygge. Scents of fresh linen, light floral scents, or sweet fruit are perfect for this time of year. This Coastal Palm candle from Target is both fresh and sweet.

Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors means you can take in all of the blooming flowers and enjoy nature. I mean, even if it's means having dinner on the back porch, it's still hygge. Think fresh pico de gallo and tortilla chips with homemade margaritas. Any time spent outdoors is a good thing. Go on a picnic, spend time at the park, take a walk around a lake. Whatever it is, go outside and enjoy it.

What are some of the ways in which you can bring hygge to springtime? Let me know in the comments below so we can discuss!

29 March 2017

Our Wedding: The Party

Wow.... this is the last installment of our wedding series. And honestly, I'm a little sad about it. Weird, right? For this final post I'm going to focus on the reception. Now I know most people refer to this as the reception, but to Alex & I it was one giant party. Which was our goal to begin with. Lots of dancing, mingling and awesome music. This post is going to be pretty heavy on the photos, so enjoy!
This part of our day was filled with so many smiles from everyone. I didn't eat as much as I wanted to and I think I only had one glass of my cranberry & vodka. Either way, I was on cloud nine. Alex & I had so much fun dancing so I didn't even notice that I forgot to take a bite of a macaron. Go figure...

Our first dance...
And lots of mingling with our special guests...

Oh and cake!
More dancing and roasted marshmallows,,,

And to top it all off,  a sparkler exit!

I hope you've enjoyed our wedding series as much as we have. And that you've had fun looking at these final photos as well. If you're interested, you can see all of the posts from our wedding installment here. I seriously cannot believe that it's almost been two months since Alex & I got married. I'm so glad that we have these incredible photos so we can take a walk down memory lane every time we look at them. Thank you again for following along with us!

Photography: Laura Davis Photo