02 January 2018

Time Passes, Years End [2017 Edition]

I love "end of the year" recaps, unfortunately, I've been preoccupied with life that I forgot to share my recap for 2017. So, with two whole days into 2018, I figured I would share some of my favourite moments from 2017. We spent our new years eve at my sister's fiance's family's h

This year was a crazy, good year for a variety of reasons... Alex and I were married in February and we honeymooned in New Orleans. And our wedding was featured on Rock 'N Roll Bride! We went to MegaCon, which was our second time going to a comic convention. In July we celebrated our two-year dating anniversary in St. Augustine. By the time September rolled around we experienced our first hurricane together and traveled to Indiana and fell in love with the cornfields. For Halloween, we dressed up as our dream characters. We had our first-ever joint birthday celebration and it was a success. And I turned thirty-three and actually am a little stoked about it.

I'm still blown away by the relationship that Alex & I have. It feels so good to go through life with him by my side. To know that I have married my best friend and that we will always be there for each other has made me feel safe and centered. Not a day goes by where I am not smiling and it's all because of Alex. He really is the everything I have ever wanted and needed in my life. Since we make such a great team, we want to add to it. And as some of you might already know, we've decided to start planning for a little one this year. We're completely over the moon about this new venture too!
As for Olive, she's still the sweetest bunny around and the relationship that she has with Alex has really blossomed this year. It's just so sweet to see those two together. Olive is also really good at spending the night at my mom's house now. Which is such a relief, because now we're able to go on long trips without worrying about how she's doing without us. Also, if you'd like to see more photos of Olive, she has her own Instagram account. ;)

For 2018, my goal is to focus on living a more intentional life. I want to be consistently present and conscious of the energy that I put into the world. I really want to use my phone less and focus more on what's going on around me. I want to stop endless scrolling and read or write instead. I want to spend more time making memories and maybe less time documenting just for the sake of documenting. I am such a blogger at heart, so I know that I will still post on here, but I just want to focus more on quality, instead of quantity. I want to take the same approach to our daily lives. At some point this year I plan on going through the majority of our belongings and purging a lot of unnecessary items. I also want to buy less and save more. It seems simple, but I know it will take dedication.

I cannot wait to see what this new year has in store for us!

What happened in your life during 2017 that was your favourite? Do you have any goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments below so we can discuss!


  1. I loved this post, Danielle! I'm excited for you and Alex and your plans for 2018. Glad you plan to keep blogging!! I don't miss you so much when I can keep up with you here! Happy new year!

    1. Thanks, Terri! I think I need to dedicate a little more time to blogging. Life can be soo busy sometimes. I hope you have a lovely new year.